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Pabla’s Street Food Of India story rewinds back to the 70’s. It all first began in the heart of Punjab, India, an Indian restaurant opened by Mr Gurbax Singh called Amsitsari Dhaba in a small village Goraya.. It was established in 1974 serving the community with home style fresh Indian Cuisine.

His son, Mr. Balbir Singh, was the head chef at his restaurant with vast experience in this field. In the 80’s, Mr. Balbir Singh’s eldest son Parminder at the time just 16, also played an important role within the restaurant. Parminder managed his father’s restaurant as well as being the second chef gaining experience and knowledge from his father to understand the family cooking heritage.


To continue this journey Parminder Singh and his wife Anupam opened Pabla’s Street Food Of India in Cambridge. Same tradition continue with the same moto to provide quality, fresh food and authentic flavors to the community.

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